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Workshop Dates: 
October TBA
November TBA
December TBA
January TBA

Workshop Time:
2:00p -4:00p
Awards Dinner
February TBA TBA

*Up to $500 in Scholarships and Prizes

Bio Medical Research Competition

General Information:  The Bio-Medical Competition will provide students the opportunity to complete a study on diseases, medications, and the

pharmaceutical companies that discover a treatment for them.  Society needs to become more informed about the medications that will combat the different diseases.


Program: Eight teams of 5 (high school students) will research a specific type of disease listed below.  From there, they will then write a research paper with a

maximum of three pages, in addition to preparing a brochure, a web page, and a poster board pages display.  At the competition, after the judge scores each group,

the team's knowledge will be tested while playing a Jeopardy game based on a set of questions previously provided to each team.  Scoring of the Jeopardy game will

be incorporated in the overall competition scoring to determine the winners


Training Workshops: All workshops are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month beginning in October  through January ( 2pm - 4pm) at VCU School of Engineer.


Each team will choose one of the following topics for research:


-   Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

-   Coronary Artery Disease

-   Diabetes, Mellitus Disease

-   Diarrheal Disease


-   Lower Respiratory Infections

-   Preterm Birth Complications

-   Stroke

-   Trachea, Bronchus, and Lung

-   Tuberculosis

Schools:  The competition will be among the Richmond Metropolitan area high school students.


Awards Program:  Students are required to submit their abstract by December 15, 2018.  A panel of judges who are medical professionals will review the students' abstract paper and will form the questions for the jeopardy game.  The teams will receive a total 50 questions from the abstracts of each team to study and prepare for the jeopardy game. The competition will consist of a panel of healthcare professionals that will judge the students' paper and project at a dinner with community residents, parents, and elected officials on February TBA 2019 , at the VCU School of Engineering. The winner of this competition will be announced at this event.  The attendees and students will

end the competition with the knowledge of the pharmaceutical companies that produce the medication for these ailments.



-  1st Place:   Each member of the team will receive a $100 Gift Card

-  2nd Place: Each member of team will receive a $50 Gift Card

-  3rd Place:  Each member of the team will receive a $25 Gift Card


Business and government support: Several professionals, from the medical industry, will be recruited to assist as instructors, mentors, and technical advisors.  This project will significantly impact the community by bringing attention to awareness/diagnosis/treatment of disease. Current supporters include: 


Fee:  $15 for NVA STEM Members/ $20 for Non Members

         $15 for Awards Dinner -Community



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